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MDF waterproof  is a special version of standard MDF. This specific version is also called moisture-resistant MDF and this of course says everything about the extra quality of this form of board material. Standard MDF is not suitable for use outdoors or in damp rooms indoors. MDF water-resistant can, however, be used for such applications. You can use it carefree in the bathroom, for example, which is not recommended with standard MDF. Do you want to buy waterproof MDF? Then the wide range of fibreboard from TOSIZE.de is the right one for you.

MDF waterproof is made with special types of glue

By default, of course, MDF is not moisture-resistant. When making MDF waterproof, changes are made during the production process, making the MDF boards more resistant to moisture. For example, in the production of MDF water-resistant, types of glue are used that are moisture-resistant. This addition greatly reduces the board's strength when exposed to moisture. In addition, swelling is also greatly reduced, which is not the case with regular MDF. This makes it possible to use MDF water-resistant without concern for applications in damp spaces.

What is MDF waterproof used for?

MDF waterproof, or moisture-resistant MDF orMDF exterior, can be used for a wide variety of applications. For example, these boards are often used for architraves, skirting boards and window sills. Also in the kitchen and in bathrooms the MDF waterproof boards are often used. Due to the good solidity of MDF waterproof and the excellent properties, the boards are also used for outdoor furniture.

MDF waterproof for indoor and outdoor use

MDF waterproof is used both indoors and outdoors. Regular MDF is not suitable for use in damp rooms, whereas moisture-resistant MDF is. MDF water-resistant is a good choice for, for example, making furniture for the bathroom or kitchen. Outdoors it is used for, among other things, wall claddings, furniture and other non-load-bearing constructions.

MDF Exterior is resistant to all existing weather influences

The Dutch weather has a very negative influence on regular MDF, but that certainly does not mean that there is no MDF available for outdoor use. MDF Exterieur has been developed in such a way that the board material is resistant to all existing weather influences in our country. This form of MDF waterproof is used in, among other things, frame constructions, façade joinery, playground equipment and in façade cladding. This variant is also used for application in swimming pools, where the humidity is also very high as standard.

Various thicknesses of MDF waterproof

MDF waterproof  can be ordered from TOSIZE.de in various thicknesses, allowing you to tailor the thickness to your specific project. There are MDF waterproof boards with a thickness of 6 millimetres, but there are also boards that are 3 centimetres thick. In between there are numerous thicknesses, so that there are always MDF waterproof boards available in the thickness that you need. In our online range you will find MDF waterproof boards of the most varied thicknesses. You do not have to worry about the other sizes. Did you come to us to buy MDF? Then we will saw everything to size for you.

Not only for MDF waterproof

You can order MDF waterproof  from us, but we also offer many other types of MDF in our online range. For example, at TOSIZE.de you can also buy MDF lacquer-bearing, MDF blank and MDF black. In addition, we also offer MDF Ground, MDF Exterior and MDF Ecologique. We therefore offer many different variants within our online range. Of course, each MDF variant is available in several thicknesses, so you can optimally adjust your order to the project you need it for. Do you want to buy MDF, but you do not know exactly which MDF variant is most suitable for your project? Then of course you can always contact us, without obligation. We will gladly inform you and advise you in making a choice from our range of MDF.

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You can order high-quality MDF waterproof from our online range. We guarantee not only the quality, but also the optimal durability. You can buy the MDF waterproof at an attractive price. Of course we provide the necessary additional services. We can, for example, saw all MDF waterproof to size for you, so that you do not have to do this. We can also deliver your order of MDF board to the desired location. Do you want to buy MDF board waterproof, but first you want to receive advice or more information from us? Then contact us without obligation.

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