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Pellos floor is a variant of underlayment also known as Finnish Spruce. Underlayment is a variant of plywood that is very flat and mainly intended for laying underlayments. Pellos Floor, however, is a variant of underlayment that has a relatively good visual quality on one side and can therefore also be used for visual work. You can read more about Pellos Floor and ordering it to size here.

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The structure of Pellos Floor

Pellos floor has the same structure as plywood boards. This means that it is built up of several thin layers of wood, also called veneer, which are glued crosswise to each other. In Pellos Floor these layers are glued together. The wood type used for Pellos Floor is pine from Finland. A wood type with a light colour and a clear pattern. This gives pinewood a natural, light and sturdy appearance. Whitewood is easy to process and lends itself extremely well to painting and varnishing. This is good, because it is important to treat Pellos Floor properly if you are going to use it in damp spaces. Paint the material or choose a transparent lacquer if you want to keep the natural look.

A WBP bonding

A WBP bonding, also known as exterior bonding or water resistant bonding, stands for "Water Boiled Proof". A WBP board has to pass a special test in which it is placed in boiling water for 72 hours. If the glue does not come off during this test, the board is given the classification WBP. Whether a board material can be used outside depends not only on the gluing, but also on the wood species.

Ordering Pellos Floor online

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