• Order your made-to-measure chipboard at TOSIZE

Order your made-to-measure chipboard at TOSIZE

Chipboard is available in many different variants. Various types of raw materials are used in the production of Chipboard These include flax shavings and straw. Basically, the board material is made from small pieces of wood chips to which an organic binder is added. In many cases, this involves the addition of synthetic resin. The small pieces of wood chip are pressed under high pressure and mixed with synthetic resin glue to produce the final result. Do you want to buy chipboard for a project you want to start? Then you can order chipboard at TOSIZE.de.

The use of chipboard

Chipboard is a material widely used in various sectors. Particle board is often used in coachbuilding, but also in commercial and residential construction and in the furniture industry. The board material is also widely used by private individuals, as a basis for making various things, such as furniture. Do you want to start a project using high-quality chipboard? Then you can buy your chipboard at TOSIZE.de. We offer a very complete service.

Various types of chipboard available

Chipboard is not a standard board material. There are different variants of chipboard available. In addition to the  standard variants, there are also damp-proof variants and various damp-proof variants.

Machining chipboard

Of course, you can buy chipboard and use it as such, but in most cases the chipboard is meant to be machined. The machining possibilities of chipboard are excellent. Both machining chipboard and machining by hand are very easy. If you opt for plasticised chipboards, no special treatment is needed. This variant is already coated for good protection and to maintain quality. Regular chipboard can be stained, lacquered or painted to achieve the necessary protection. To maintain the good quality of chipboard, it is important that you use quality products for the treatment of the sheets.

What can you use chipboard for?

You can order chipboard for the most diverse applications. The board material is very suitable for a wide range of uses. Particle board can be used to clad walls, to level and construct ceilings, floors and walls and even as a door covering. Are you looking for a material to build a good, non-load-bearing wall or to create a partition wall? Then you can also buy particle board for this purpose. The material offers the right quality for an optimal end result.

Finishing chipboard correctly

Chipboards are of a high quality when you buy them, but of course you want to keep them that way for as long as possible. In order to retain the quality, it is important to ensure a proper finish. Finishing materials can be used to finish the board edges properly. For example, choose a veneer band, a plastic band or a wooden frame if the panel edges are visible. Ultimately, it is always important to ensure a good finish so that you can effectively prevent the chipboard from absorbing moisture. Moisture always brings down the quality of chipboard. This also applies to moisture-resistant chipboard, but to a lesser extent.

Why buy chipboard at TOSIZE.de?

Do you want to buy chipboard for a certain project? Then it is best to buy it from TOSIZE.de. Why? We make sure that the chipboard is sawn to size for you, so that you don't have to worry about it. We do this in different shapes, with various edge finishes and of course always to the millimetre. You can come and collect chipboard at our location, but we also offer you the option of having your order delivered to an address of your choice. From TOSIZE.de you can always expect the best service at an attractive price.

Order chipboard directly online?

Would you like to ordering chipboard online? Then take a look at our wide range. TOSIZE.de offers you the most diverse possibilities. Have you found the right variant? Then tell us the dimensions you want and we'll get to work for you. Do you want to buy chipboard, but find it difficult to make a good choice from our wide range? We can of course inform you about the possibilities and advise you on making a choice from our online range of chipboard. In that case, please contact us without any obligation.

Order your made-to-measure chipboard at TOSIZE.de! We will cut your order to the millimetre. We can do this in different shapes and we can even finish the edges for you. Take a look at our product range and start your new job!

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