• Order your MDF online and have it cut to size free of charge

Order your MDF online and have it cut to size free of charge

Order your MDF online and have it cut to size free of charge

Want to have your MDF boards cut to size for free? You can at TOSIZE.de. We will saw your board material free of charge and accurately in any desired size. MDF is always in stock in various thicknesses and finishes, so you can order MDF quickly and easily online. Save yourself a trip to the hardware store and let us cut your MDF to size!

Different types of customised MDF boards

At TOSIZE.de we have an extensive range of wood and board materials. Choose, for example, MDF paintable boards: directly paintable and suitable for indoor use. Or MDF blank, which is often used in interior construction and the furniture industry, while MDF moisture-resistant is specially designed for use in damp areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Is the MDF you are looking for not listed? Then feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

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Using MDF in the home

Standard blank MDF boards are only suitable for indoor use in areas where there is sufficient ventilation. In the bedroom or living room, for example, MDF is very suitable for making skirting boards, furniture or interior panelling. At TOSIZE.de you can have your MDF boards cut to size and get straight to work after delivery!

MDF boards cut to size free of charge

Ordering MDF from TOSIZE.de is quick and easy. Use the filters to determine the finish and thickness of your MDF boards and then fill in the required dimensions. Do you need another type of wood besides MDF? No problem; simply add it to your order. As soon as you have completed your order, we will saw your MDF boards to size free of charge.

Order your MDF online from TOSIZE.de

At TOSIZE.de you can find different types of MDF in any desired thickness. Have your MDF boards cut to size: you only pay for the square metres you need. Your order will be delivered within working days.

Order all types of wood online

TOSIZE.de is the online sawmill for cut-to-size MDF boards and other types of wood. We offer plywood, chipboard, underlayment, hardboard and softboard. Always in the dimensions you need. Do you have any questions about our range? Please contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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