• Ordering customised MDF skirting boards online

Ordering customised MDF skirting boards online

Why choose MDF skirting boards?

MDF skirting boards are thus constructed differently from, say, skirting boards made of solid wood. This brings a number of advantages. First of all, skirting boards made of MDF do not warp. Solid wood can warp under varying temperatures and humidity levels; because MDF is not made of solid wood, MDF does not suffer from this. In addition, MDF skirting boards have a high bending strength and can therefore take a beating. The MDF skirting boards we supply are made of moisture-resistant MDF, which means they are glued with special waterproof glue and pressed under higher pressure than standard MDF. As a result, our skirting boards can also be used in rooms that are regularly mopped. In addition, MDF is very easy to work with. It does not splinter and is finished with a primer, so you only need to apply a final coat of lacquer in the desired colour for a perfect result!

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Variants of MDF skirting boards

MDF skirting boards are made in different shapes and sizes; so there is a suitable MDF skirting board for every interior. At TOSIZE.de, you can choose from a wide range of standard skirting boards, bead skirting boards and overlay skirting boards, all of which can be cut to size.

Standard MDF skirting board

A plain MDF skirting board is a small, smooth MDF skirting board finished at the top with a rounded corner. This gives the skirting board a sleek, modern look. You can easily order customised MDF skirting boards online, all you then have to do is install and paint them!

MDF beadboard

A bead skirting board is the finishing touch for floors and walls in a classic or country look. The skirting board owes this look to the finish at the top, which has the name 'bead'. A bead finish is similar to the ​​​​​kwartronding that we can apply to the end edges of board material. You can easily order an MDF beadboard to size, so all you have to do is paint it!

MDF skirting board

As the name suggests, you place a skirting board over something. This can be an existing skirting board, but also cables from lamps, TV or a router, for example. An add-on skirting board is therefore the ideal choice if you want to finish something that is already there out of sight. Think, for example, of an existing floor in a rented or owner-occupied house. A completely new floor is a costly investment, but new skirting boards give the whole thing a new look without too much expense. Transfer skirting boards are also handy if you like technology a lot, but don't want to see cables all over the house. For example, you can hide the internet cable nicely behind the skirting board.

Do you also want new skirting boards for your home easily? Then order your customised skirting boards quickly! Check our webshop for the range and possibilities. As soon as we receive your order, we will start working for you. Before you know it, your customised skirting boards will be delivered to your home!

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