Ordering OSB online?

OSB, or Oriented Strand Board, is a board material that consists of compressed wood shavings. A very important advantage of OSB is that the material is 100 per cent recyclable. This makes this board material increasingly preferred in the professional sector. After all, these days everything revolves around sustainability and environmental friendliness, and OSB certainly fits in with this idea. Would you like to buy OSB? At TOSIZE.de you can find various types of OSB

What exactly is OSB?

OSB OSB is a sheet material made of pieces of wood pressed together under high pressure. Special wood flakes are selected for the production of OSB, after which these flakes are pressed together with a binding agent. It is this composition that ensures the recyclability of the board material. Other board materials that fall into the same group include MDF and chipboard. What exactly is the difference? The most important difference is found in the production process. For the production of plywood and chipboard a lot of energy is used. In addition, formaldehyde is released during these processes. Neither of these factors are present in the production of OSB. Considerably less energy is consumed, making the choice for OSB boards a very environmentally conscious one.

Buying OSB is a good idea for several reasons

Above are some of the advantages of OSB But there are more advantages that make ordering OSB a good idea. The insulation efficiency is particularly high, in contrast to several other comparable board materials. We are talking about a considerably higher efficiency, namely up to 90 percent. This means that the insulation efficiency is twice as high as that of the average board material. It also means that significantly less wood needs to be used in the production of OSB. Ultimately, these are significant advantages, especially for companies that pay a lot of attention to "green work".

Are there no disadvantages to OSB?

OSB boards offer many important advantages, but that does not mean there are no disadvantages to the material. One important disadvantage of OSB is that the boards not only absorb but also attract moisture. This means that OSB should not come into contact with moisture in any form or shape. All forms of moisture, from rain to a little condensation, immediately reduce the quality of OSB. Moisture causes the OSB boards to deform, making them unusable. So always ensure that you treat the OSB well before you start using it, then the moisture resistance is already much better.

Buy OSB for outdoor use

Many people want to buy OSB to use outside. It goes without saying that there is a lot of moisture outside. Think not only of rain, but also of fog, for example. In the Netherlands, we always have to deal with considerable humidity. Is it possible to order OSB for outside if the boards are not very resistant to moisture? Yes, this is possible. However, the necessary measures must be taken. Before you actually start working with the board material, you should protect it against moisture. You can impregnate OSB boards and then stain them well. The good quality of the OSB plates is then maintained for years in outdoor use. It is not recommended to use OSB 'in the weather'. OSB is best used under a shelter.

Various types of OSB wood

There are different types OSB wood available. It is good to pay attention to this when you want to buy OSB for a certain project. It is important that the OSB sheets are actually suitable for your application. Firstly, there are of course thickness differences. There are relatively thin OSB plates, with a thickness of approximately half a centimetre, but there are also much thicker plates, with a thickness of up to 2.5 centimetres. There are several standards among the OSB plates. These standards run from 1 to 4. Standard 1 is the most suitable for use in dry areas. Standard 4 is the most moisture-resistant and also the strongest structurally. However, this variant is not widely used in the Netherlands. The qualitatively strongest variant found in the Netherlands is OSB.

OSB boards are fully responsible

OSB boards are a responsible choice. The board material is namely made of FSC approved wood. When the preference is for responsible board material, OSB is an excellent choice. The board material complies with the EN300 standard, which means that OSB boards are also widely used in the construction industry. Due to the high degree of elasticity and the high load-bearing capacity, the boards are well suited to this purpose. Of course, private persons can also buy OSB for various applications. OSB is a good choice for making kitchen shelves and bookcases, among other things. OSB sheets are also increasingly being used to make various pieces of furniture.

Buying and processing OSB

You can order from TOSIZE.de OSB in a basic form. This means that you can work it as you wish. Grooving, sawing, milling, nailing and drilling is very easy, because the material is very cooperative. If you use good tools, OSB will certainly not split or crumble. You can easily work the board up to about 10 centimetres from the edge. OSB sheets are excellent for varnishing, staining or painting, so that you can easily give the sheets the desired colour. This is exactly why you can also buy OSB to make various pieces of furniture yourself. The material can very easily be worked into a colour that suits the interior.

Ordering OSB from TOSIZE.de

OSB OSB boards are still relatively unknown, but offer many advantages. These advantages are being discovered by more and more people, so the sale of OSB boards is increasing. You can buy high quality OSB boards at TOSIZE.de. Simply order online and specify the desired dimensions. We will then ensure that the OSB sheets are cut to the required size, so that you do not have to work with them. We can deliver your order of OSB at home. Would you like to order OSB, but would first like more information or advice on the OSB boards? Then contact us without obligation.

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