Ordering plywood to size online

Plywood is used very extensively. This is mainly due to the fact that plywood can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, concrete formwork, panelling and ceilings are made of plywood, but it is also used to make furniture and even complete boats. The sheet material plywood is therefore not standard, but can be purchased in the most diverse varieties. Would you like to buy plywood and have it immediately cut to size for your project? Then TOSIZE.de has exactly what you need.

The difference between plywood

Plywood and plywood are often confused. This is easy to explain. Plywood consists of three layers of veneer. Panels with more than three layers of veneer are also called plywood. In reality, both plywood and triplex are often referred to as multiplex. This is partly due to the fact that nowadays there are more and more plywood sheets with a thickness which used to be exclusive to plywood sheets.

What is plywood made of?

Plywood can be produced in several ways. In the vast majority of cases, the panel material is made from peeling veneers, but it also happens that the panel material is made from sliced veneers. In addition, not all veneers are of the same quality. The wood quality may vary and the thickness may also vary. The veneers are laid on top of each other in a fixed order during the production process and are finally glued together. The thicker veneers are used for the middle, as these have a lower quality. The high-quality veneers, which are thinner, are used for the outer side of the plywood. After adding the glue, the layers are pressed under pressure and high temperature.

Using synthetic resin glue for plywood

Plywood consists of multiple layers and these layers must be glued together to finally make the sheet material. In the past, several types of glue were used to make plywood. Plywood is basically made by using thermo-hardening glues. When artificial resin glue is used, the quality of the plywood sheets is considerably better. This glue also ensures that the plywood can be used outdoors.

Cutting plywood to size for delivery

When you order plywood from TOSIZE.de, you can specify the dimensions you need. We will make sure that it is sawn to size for you. This way you can always buy plywood in the dimensions you need. During the ordering process you can directly specify the desired dimensions. Do you want to order plywood from TOSIZE.de? Then everything is clearly indicated in the order tool. We ensure that the plywood sheets in the correct dimensions can be taken home or delivered to the desired address.

What is plywood used for?

Plywood is a particularly strong and versatile sheet material. Due to its high level of stability and durability, plywood can be used for a wide variety of applications. As we have already mentioned, even boats are made of plywood nowadays. This, of course, says everything about the strength and reliable quality of plywood. You can buy plywood to make new furniture pieces for indoors or outdoors, but you can also use it to make a ceiling. Ultimately, you can order plywood for both decorative and constructive applications.

Buy various types of plywood

At TOSIZE.de you can buy various types of plywood, as well as many variants of plywood. We have neutral plywood in our online range, but you can also buy white primed plywood. These are just some of the options we can offer you. You can buy all the plywood you need for your project from us.

Order plywood directly online

TOSIZE.de offers you a very complete service when you want to order sheet material, such as plywood. You can buy plywood from us that we will cut to size for you, so you don't have to. Tell us what you need and we will take care of it for you. After placing your order, we will start working on it. Afterwards we will deliver it to your desired address. Would you like to order plywood, but first you need more information or advice? Please contact us without any obligation. We gladly inform and advise you on the purchase of plywood from our product range.

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