• Ordering veneered plywood online to measure

Ordering veneered plywood online to measure

Plywood is a sheet material consisting of several thin layers of solid wood, also called veneer layers; in fact, every kind of plywood is veneered plywood. Veneered plywood is characterized by a top side with a veneer layer with a good visual quality. What this means exactly and how to recognise veneered plywood is explained here.

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The visual quality of plywood describes how beautiful the panel is to look at. It has nothing to do with how strong the panel is or with which glue it is glued. The visual quality describes the appearance of the veneer layers. The top and bottom side of the panel do not always have the same visual quality; plywood panels often have a beautiful and a less beautiful side.

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The visual qualities of plywood

The visual quality of plywood is indicated by letter combinations. We will explain them briefly:

A Sorted and error-free. No repairs allowed
B Minor blemishes and repairs allowed
S Minor imperfections, repairs and colour variations are allowed
BB Repairs by means of plugs are permitted
C+ or CP Defects are filled in and knots are allowed to fall out
C- or CC Errors are allowed, defects will not be repaired

Visibility quality A

The best appearance quality is indicated by the letter A. The top veneer must be free from defects; discolourations, wormholes and repairs are not allowed. Plywood panels with this visual quality are mainly used for decorative purposes in high-quality projects.

Visibility quality B

Viewing quality B is the best after quality A. B-grade plates may have minor impurities. Slight discolourations and repairs are also allowed. This is the most commonly used sight quality, is easy to obtain and can be used, for example, for furniture where the board has to look nice.

Visibility quality BB

With sight quality BB deck veneers, dabbing is allowed. Drywalling is a way of repairing defects. A small piece of veneer is cut out, which is replaced with a flawless piece of veneer. Small cracks in the veneer, especially near the edges, are also allowed. Boards with BB quality may also have more colour differences than boards with B quality.

Visibility quality S

Between B-quality and BB-quality lies S-quality. With these boards, miscolouration of the deck veneer is allowed, but often there are no wads. If there is a plug, it must be sorted by colour.

Visibility quality C+

C+, also called CP, lies below the BB quality. With boards of this quality, more defects in the deck veneer are allowed. These are often sealed with putty instead of plugs. Cracks and small knots are also allowed. This visible quality is used when the material is covered with an HPL layer.

Visibility quality C-

C- or CC-grade veneers are no longer suitable for decorative applications. Defects are allowed and faults are no longer repaired. Constructively, of course, these boards are still perfectly fine and they can be used, for example, as construction material or packaging.


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Multiple vision quality on one veneered plywood panel

Plywood panels often have two different sight qualities; one on top and one on the bottom. You then have one side that can be left in sight and one side that can be finished if you wish. You can recognise panels with two different visual qualities by their double classification, for example BB/C. So you know that one side is class BB and the other side is class C.

The visual quality of veneered plywood

The best appearance quality of veneered plywood is, of course, in the case of boards with an A-class veneer. The most common plywood panels of good appearance quality are class B/BB. These panels are suitable for visible work and the reverse side does not have so many faults. Birch plywood, poplar plywood and okoumé plywood are for example plywood panels available in this sight quality.

Ordering veneered plywood online to measure

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