Plywood: cut to size free of charge

Plywood panels: cut to size free of charge

Are you looking for competitively priced concreteplex boards in a specific format? Order at quickly and easily the sheets you need. Choose the desired finish and thickness and let us cut the betonplex sheets to size for free. Your betonplex can be delivered within working days.

The advantages of betonplex

Phenolic Plywood is a waterproof, glued board that is finished with an epoxy coating on both sides. This hard, waterproof coating ensures that the betonplex sheets do not need to be treated and makes the material moreover impact- and scratch-resistant. Because of the smooth surface, the sheets can be used for, among other things, storage rooms, animal cages, slides and as a floor of a trailer.

At you can find A-quality concreteplex, made of hardwood. Choose the desired finish and thickness of your betonplex and let us cut your sheets to size for free. Competitively priced and delivered within working days!

  • Waterproof
  • No further treatment required
  • Suitable for the construction of scaffolding and foundations
  • Smooth surface
  • Very strong board/concrete plywood

Concrete plywood waterproof sheets

Thanks to the hard, waterproof epoxy coating, betonplex is waterproof and has a smooth surface. Concrete plywood is specially made to make formwork in which concrete is poured. Because of the epoxy layer concrete does not adhere to waterproof concreteplex, so the formwork can be removed after curing.

Order your made-to-measure plywood panels at

Do you need cut-to-size concreteplex? Order your betonplex sheets easily and quickly online at Choose the finish, thickness and size and we will cut your betonplex sheets to size for free. Your order is delivered within working days.

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