• Plywood: sawn to size free of charge

Plywood: sawn to size free of charge

Plywood: sawn to size free of charge

Are you looking for cut-to-size Plywood panels? Then order them now simply and cheaply from TOSIZE.de. The best quality Plywood at a competitive price and free of charge sawn to size. We deliver within  working days!

The advantages of plywood

Plywood has many advantages: it is a light but strong board, making it easier and faster to work with than many other materials. Plywood is used for both structural and decorative applications. The material has a flat surface, hardly warps and has a very long lifetime.

Plywood panels are often used for e.g. wall cladding, dormers, pigeon lofts, children's toys, blind processing in interior and caravan construction and van panelling. You can order A-quality Plywood easily and quickly from TOSIZE.de: free of charge, cut to size in every desired dimension!

  • Light and strong
  • Long service life
  • Good machinability
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Also available primed

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Order plywood sheets to size from TOSIZE.de

At TOSIZE.de you can quickly and easily buy cut-to-size plywood for indoor and outdoor use. You choose the thickness and the finish and then fill in the desired dimensions. We will cut your plywood to size free of charge and deliver it to you within  working days.

Order customised plywood!

Plywood interior and exterior

Plywood is available in different finishes: for interior (plywood interior) and exterior (plywood exterior) applications. Plywood is also available in a primed version which makes finishing even easier. Do you want to use plywood in places with an increased moisture load, such as fascias and façade fillings? Then water-resistant plywood sheets (Okoumé) are excellent.


Waterproof plywood sheets: Okoumé

Marine is a two-sided sanded board material with durable, water resistant properties: if correctly finished, it can be used excellently indoors in damp rooms as well as outdoors. The board is relatively light and has a fine wood fibre structure. This makes the material very suitable for processing. Okoume boards are available both primed and unprimed.

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