• The available colours and types of chipboard

The available colours and types of chipboard

For many available colours and types of Chipboard, TOSIZE.de is the right place. We offer a wide range of board materials, including different types of chipboard. Do you want to start a job and need chipboard? Then simply order online with us. Choose from the available colours and types of chipboard and place your order. You can tell us the size of the sheets you need. Of course, you can always contact us for more information or advice on the available colours and types of chipboard.

What are the available colours of chipboard?

There are several available colours of chipboard in our online range. Chipboard is brown in colour and the moisture resistant version is green. However, these boards still need to be repainted. That is why we also have chipboard in our range that is already finished with a coloured top layer.
The colours of this chipboard are:

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What are the available types of chipboard?

In addition to the available colours of chipboard, there are also various types of chipboard available. Which type is best for you depends on the specific application. At TOSIZE.de you can find several available types of chipboard, so that you can always order the right one for the application you want.
These are the types of chipboard available:

  • Chipboard Natural
  • Furniture panel
  • Chipboard V313
  • Chipboard Melamine faced (in various colours and textures)

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The thickness can also vary per chipboard type

As you have seen, there are several available colours of chipboard, as well as several available types of chipboard. It certainly doesn't stop there when it comes to making choices. You also have the choice of different board thicknesses.
These are the thicknesses of chipboard:

  • 8 millimeter
  • 10 millimeter
  • 12 millimeter
  • 16 millimeter
  • 18 millimeter
  • 22 millimeter
  • 25 millimeter

Are there no disadvantages to chipboard?

Above, you have already been introduced to the advantages of the available colours and types of Chipboard. We can imagine that you are wondering if there are any disadvantages. Of course, we are happy to inform you about these as well. There are a number of things that, depending on the application, can be seen as disadvantages. First of all, chipboard has fairly rough edges and this can be a nuisance if they are in plain sight. In the case of larger surfaces, you should bear in mind that particle board cannot support large weights. Therefore, the material is not suitable for making, for example, bookshelves or shelves in pantries. Finally, it is important to note that particle board is not moisture-resistant. It cannot be used outdoors and is not recommended for use in damp rooms indoors, with the exception of the damp-proof variant of course.

What is chipboard most commonly used for?

Chipboard has many different applications. This is, of course, also due to the large number of colours and types of chipboard available. One type of chipboard may be more suitable for a particular project than another. If you need any advice on choosing from the range of colours and types of chipboard available, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. When looking at the use of particle board, it is widely used for items such as worktops, furniture and interior panelling. In addition, particle board is also used for (sub)floors and walls. The material is also excellent when you are looking for a high-quality stiffening board.

Ordering available colours and types of chipboard

Would you like to have more than enough choice of available colours and types of chipboard? Then you are always welcome at TOSIZE.de. With us, you are guaranteed a wide choice. This applies not only to chipboard, but to all board materials that we can supply. We can saw chipboard to size for you so that you do not have to worry about it yourself. You can have the board, fully sawn to size, delivered to a location convenient for you. Would you first like more information or do you need advice about the available colours and types of chipboard? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly inform and advise you.

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