• The available colours and types of MDF

The available colours and types of MDF

Choose from the available colours and types of MDF at TOSIZE.de and benefit from a very complete service. Within our online range, you will find many different available colours and types of MDF at an attractive price. You can easily order online and specify the size(s) of the boards during the ordering process. We ensure that the board material is sawn to size for you. It is that easy! Of course, you can always contact us if you need advice on making a good choice from the available colours and types of MDF. We will be happy to help you further.

What are the available MDF colours?

There are several available colours of MDF that you can work with. A number of these colours are available in the thoroughly coloured variant of MDF, MDF Coloured.
The colours of MDF Coloured are:

In addition to coloured variants of MDF, there are also variants with a decorative surface finish. These top layers are available in different colours and also with different structures. These layers are laminated onto the material. The range of these decorative MDF variants changes frequently and many variants are added. For the current range, please visit our webshop.

What are the available types of MDF?

Not only can MDF be divided into different colours, but there are also several available types of MDF to choose from. Some of the types of MDF are related to the colour of the sheet material. At TOSIZE.de, we have provided a very wide and varied range of MDF types. The different types of MDF are:

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Why choose MDF?

At TOSIZE.de you can buy a wide variety of board materials, from chipboard and OSB to plywood and underlayment. Within our board material collection, you will find various available colours and types of MDF, but why should you start working with these? There are several reasons for this. MDF offers many wonderful advantages. MDF is very easy to process and is available in many variations, so you can really make anything with it. The surface is already hard and easy to finish or even completely ready for use, depending on the variant chosen. The sheet material does not splinter and has a high bending strength. All in all, it is therefore not surprising that many people choose to use MDF for different projects. Because there are several available colours and types of MDF, you can always make a good choice for your job.

MDF for indoor and outdoor projects

Basically, MDF is not suitable for outdoor use and for use in damp areas. However, for these specific applications there are variants that can. MDF Moisture Resistant V313 (and all MDF variants with the attribute 'V313'), for example, have been specially developed for use in damp rooms. For outdoor applications there is MDF Exterior and for the most extreme outdoor applications there is also MDF Tricoya. Thus, for each situation, there is an appropriate variant of MDF.

Choose from the available colours and types of MDF

If you want to get started with MDF, you can order your board material from TOSIZE.de. During the ordering process you will see a section where you can specify the desired dimensions. When you do so, we make sure that the MDF boards are cut to size for you. We can deliver your order to a location that is convenient for you. Take a look at our online range and choose from the available colours and types of MDF. Would you like to order online and benefit from the service of TOSIZE.de, but are not sure which variant is best to buy? Then contact us for more information and advice on the available colours and types of MDF.

Create the most beautiful projects from MDF

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