• The available colours and types of OSB

The available colours and types of OSB

There are not particularly many available colours or types of OSB. The fact is that OSB is a relatively standard board material. However, at TOSIZE.de you can find a number of special, decorative OSB variations. In addition, you have the choice of several board thicknesses. Have you been able to choose from the available colours and types of OSB, the various forms and thicknesses? Then you can order online. We will take care of your order, including cutting it to size.

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What are the available colours of OSB?

OSB is a board material made of wood chips. These wood chips are pressed together to form a board. With the standard variants of OSB, no further processing is done. At TOSIZE.de we do have a number of decorative variants of OSB that are finished in different colours.
The colours of OSB are:

  • OSB 3 (Natural)
  • OSB 3 Matt lacquered
  • OSB 3 Matt Black
  • OSB 3 Matt Grey
  • OSB 3 Matt White

What are the available types of OSB?

When it comes to the types of OSB available, there are not that many distinctions to be made. The boards are all made from woodchips, regardless of the thickness of the board or for example the shape of the board. However, there are 4 strength classes available for OSB. These are scaled into 4 classes, where class 1 is the weaker and class 4 the strongest. Class 4, however, is rarely available on the Dutch market and has been specially developed for special applications, particularly in France. OSB class 3 is therefore the strongest variant of OSB available in the Netherlands.

Order OSB made to measure

As we have indicated, TOSIZE.de does offer you more than enough choice from the available forms of OSB. We offer the following types of OSB:

  • Rectangle (sawn)
  • Square
  • Rectangle with 2 rounded corners
  • Rectangle with 4 rounded corners
  • Rectangle with 2 rounded corners
  • Circle
  • Rectangle with 4 rounded corners
  • Triangle
  • Half-circle
  • Rectangle with long side chamfered
  • Rectangle with short sides
  • Rectangular Triangle
  • Symmetrical Triangle
  • Trapezium
  • Parallelogram

Difference in thickness of the OSB boards

As we have already indicated, OSB is a fairly standard material. However, there are several available thicknesses of OSB boards that you can work with.
These are the thicknesses of OSB:

  • 9 millimeter
  • 11 millimeter
  • 18 millimeter

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What exactly are the advantages of OSB boards?

OSB is a board material that is particularly easy to process. The board material is strong and can be used for both decorative and constructive applications. OSB can be used in dry and slightly humid areas indoors. Another very important advantage is that OSB boards are produced durably. This makes OSB a considerably better choice from an environmental point of view than various other types of board material.

OSB is a green choice for companies and private individuals

More and more companies and individuals are paying attention to sustainability. This is also important, of course. It is therefore good to know that OSB is an environmentally conscious choice. This is not only because of the sustainable production process, but also because of the characteristics of OSB when in use. OSB has a very high insulation efficiency.

Use of OSB in damp rooms or outdoors

The available colours and types of OSB, regardless of the thickness of the board, are well suited for indoor use in damp rooms. Many board materials lose their quality quickly when used in damp rooms, but OSB can withstand this well. This does not mean that OSB can be used outside just as easily. Outdoor use of OSB is certainly not impossible. If you treat the sheet material correctly, OSB can also be used outdoors and last for years. Do you want to use OSB outside, for example in the garden or on a balcony? Then it is wise to first treat it with an impregnating agent. This is important to ensure that large amounts of moisture, from rain for example, do not have a negative impact on the quality. Then you can treat the OSB boards with a stain for complete protection. The ends need some extra attention. Before finishing, treat the edges with an edge sealer to prevent moisture from penetrating.

Buy various colours and types of OSB

There are not many different colours and types of OSB available, but the variants that are available offer a high quality. You can therefore work with the board material without any worries. You can place your order online at TOSIZE.del. You also have the option to indicate what size you need. We will then ensure that the boards are sawn to size down to the millimetre for you. Would you like to know more about the available colours and types of OSB, the various thicknesses or the applications? Then feel free to contact us without obligation.

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