• The available colours and types of Phenolic plywood

The available colours and types of Phenolic plywood

The available colours and types phenolic plywood of its versatility. At TOSIZE.de you can find a wide range of Phenolic Plywood boards in various designs. Not only do you have the choice of various colours and types of Phenolic Plywood, but there are also several thicknesses available within our online range and we can cut Phenolic Plywood in different shapes for you. With us you can always order simple, fast and inexpensive boards. We provide an excellent service. You can pick up your order at our warehouse or have it delivered. In addition, you can inform us of the desired dimensions, so that we can saw the Phenolic Plywood to size for you. We are happy to tell you more about the available colours/species of Phenolic Plywood that we can offer you.

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What colours of Phenolic Plywood are available?

The top layer of phenolic plywood Can be made in different colours. These colours determine the final colour of the material, as it is not recommended to paint over the Phenolic Plywood. Besides that this is very difficult, you can also reduce the quality of the material.
The colours of Phenolic Plywood are:

What types of Phenolic Plywood are available?

You can find a wide range of available types at TOSIZE.de phenolic plywood To find. When we look at the types of Phenolic Plywood in our assortment, we find 3 different possibilities, besides the different colours of course.
These are the types of Phenolic Plywood:

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Various available sizes of Phenolic Plywood

Not only do you have a wide choice of the colours and types available from us, you also have the option of choosing from a wide range of colours. phenolic plywood. We offer the standard size of 250 x 125 cm. There are also 5 different thicknesses of Phenolic Plywood available in our shop. There are two variants with a thickness under 10 millimeters. These are the Phenolic Plywood sheets of 4 and 9 millimeters thickness. Would you like to use a thicker Phenolic Plywood plate? Then there are thicknesses of 12, 15 and 18 millimeters available in our shop.

Different Phenolic Plywood shapes available

When choosing from the different colours and types available phenolic plywood The various dimensions available do not stop you from making choices. There are also many different forms of Phenolic Plywood available. Which form is the best choice, depends of course on your specific project. At TOSIZE.de you can order Phenolic Plywood sheets in different forms.
These are the forms in which Phenolic Plywood can be cut to size:

  • Rectangle (sawn)
  • Square
  • Rectangle with rounded corners
  • Circle
  • Trapezium
  • Parallellogram
  • And many other forms too!

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Phenolic Plywood offers important advantages for handymen

Among the available colours and types phenolic plywood you can always find variants that are excellent for your project. Therefore, plywood offers important advantages that really help you. Available in several thicknesses, it can be used for a wide variety of constructive and decorative applications. The sheets are provided with a special coating, which can differ per variant. This makes the top and bottom of Phenolic Plywood completely waterproof. The ends are still open and have to be treated to make the material moisture-resistant. This can be done with an edge sealer.

Using plywood for outdoor projects

phenolic plywood is provided with a coating that ensures its waterproof qualities. This applies, of course, to the surface. When you want to use Phenolic Plywood for outdoor projects, it is important to treat the front sides. This way you make sure that the complete sheet is waterproof. Always make sure you have the necessary treatment to make the whole panel, including the front sides, waterproof.

Buy various available colours and types of Phenolic Plywood

At TOSIZE.de you are always welcome to buy all your sheet material. Do you want to Buy betonplex, Then we are the right place for a wide range of available colours and types of high-quality Phenolic Plywood. During the online ordering process, you can specify the desired dimensions. We saw everything to the millimetre, so you do not have to do any sawing. Would you like to order online, but do you need help or advice in making a choice from the available colours/species of Phenolic Plywood? Please feel free to contact us.

Order your customised Phenolic Plywood at TOSIZE.de! We cut your order to the millimetre. View our product range and start your new job!

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