• The available thicknesses of chipboard

The available thicknesses of chipboard

For various Chipboard thicknesses available, TOSIZE.de is the place to be. We offer a wide range of chipboard, with a choice of different thicknesses of the material. If you want to work with chipboard, it is good to adapt the thickness of the sheets to the project. This way, you can easily achieve the best result. At TOSIZE.de you will find 8 available thicknesses of chipboard that you can easily order online at the most attractive price. Of course, you can expect a comprehensive service from us, with chipboard cut to size for you.

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What thicknesses of chipboard are available?

As indicated, TOSIZE.de has various available thicknesses of Chipboard. Within our online range you can choose from no less than 8 different thicknesses. These are the thicknesses of Chipboard:

  • 8 millimetre
  • 10 millimetre
  • 12 millimetre
  • 16 millimetre
  • 18 millimetre
  • 22 millimetre
  • 25 millimetre
  • 38 millimetre

What is chipboard made of?

There are various types of chipboard available at TOSIZE.de. Of these, various thicknesses of chipboard are available to order. Chipboard is made from different types of raw materials, such as straw and flax shavings. The basis of chipboard consists of small wood chips. These pieces are mixed with an organic binder - usually synthetic resin - and then the whole is pressed together. This is how boards are made. During the production process, different thicknesses are used, ensuring that there are various thicknesses of chipboard available.

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Chipboard comes in various variants

Of course, there are various thicknesses of Chipboard available, but this is certainly not the only one in which Chipboard may differ. In fact, various variants of chipboard are produced. The most well-known is Chipboard Natural, but there is also a moisture-resistant variant, Chipboard V313. For decorative applications, there are also variants with a decorative coating.

How workable is chipboard?

Chipboard is generally purchased for further processing. The material is therefore excellently suited to this purpose. It is very easy to process chipboard manually, but processing it by machine is also possible. The latter is certainly a reason why many companies choose to use chipboard. Regular chipboard is best treated with paint, varnish or stain in order to protect the sheet material and to realise a longer life span. Do you prefer not to treat the sheets, but to start working with them immediately? Then you can also buy plasticised chipboard. This type of chipboard is already provided with a protective coating. One of the main advantages of chipboard is that it is not affected by moisture or temperature differences.

What is chipboard often used for?

Various thicknesses of Chipboard are available for purchase, making it easy to choose a thickness that suits the specific application. This is because Chipboard can be used in a wide variety of projects. It is an excellent material for making furniture, but it is also used as a wall covering. Particleboard makes for excellent, long-lasting partition walls, but can also be used to level ceilings and floors.

The finishing of chipboard

Regardless of your choice of available thicknesses chipboard, it is important to ensure a good finish for the board material. Effective finishing of chipboard ensures a significantly longer life. To finish the edges of the sheets, you can use special finishing materials. These include a plastic band, a wooden frame or a veneer band. There are even more possibilities for a good, durable and neat finish. These are excellent solutions if the edges are part of the visible work. Will the edges remain out of sight? Then it is also sufficient to use glue for the finish. Choose a type of glue with a hardener.

Various chipboard thicknesses available to order online

You can order the 8 available thicknesses chipboard online at an attractive price. Choose the variant you require and go through the short, simple ordering process. You can also specify the format of the Chipboard you need. We provide a very complete service, where we can saw the sheets to size for you. So you don't have to worry about sawing anymore. You can have your order delivered to any location you like. Would you like to order chipboard, but do you need sound advice when choosing from the various types of chipboard or the available thicknesses? Then feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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