The available thicknesses of MDF

The available thicknesses of MDF are varied. In the online range of you can find no less than 15 different thicknesses of MDF of the highest quality. Of course, it is up to you to choose from the available thicknesses of MDF. It is, after all, important to properly adjust the thickness of the board material to the specific application. Of course, we can advise you on the available thicknesses of MDF if you require this. You can order all types of MDF in our online shop. We will take care of your order, including cutting it to size of course.

Available thicknesses of MDF

MDF is a widely usable board material. It is therefore available in a wide range of thicknesses. The available thicknesses of MDF fall into three categories, namely:


Different types of MDF for various applications

MDF is a board material that falls under the category of fibreboards. This means that MDF consists of compressed wood fibres. At you can find different types of MDF within the online range. We have MDF Paintable and MDF Damp-proof, but also MDF Black and MDF Clear. These are just a few possibilities, as there are many types of MDF available. You do not only have the choice of various available thicknesses of MDF, but also of different variants. This means that you can always buy a type and thickness of MDF that perfectly suits the needs of your specific project. If you buy your MDF boards from Then you will always benefit from a friendly price.

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Using different types of MDF

As mentioned, there are several available thicknesses of MDF, as well as several variants. It is good to make your choice according to the project for which you are purchasing the MDF boards. For example, do you want to make furniture from MDF? Then the lacquer-bearing boards may be a good choice. Do you wish to achieve a dark colour? Then there is MDF Black, a good basis for dark furniture. Do you want light furniture? Then you can choose MDF Grey if there are visible drill holes or MDF Paint-bearing where you only have to apply a lacquer layer. Everything is possible when it comes to MDF. The various variants all have their own characteristics and qualities, but also offer various external properties. You can keep MDF as natural as possible, but this is certainly not necessary. MDF is easy to process, so you can really do anything with it.

MDF Damp-proof is also a specific variant of MDF. In this case, too, you have the choice of various available MDF thicknesses. When is it best to use MDF Moisture Resistant? This is especially recommended when you want to make something that will eventually be placed in a humid environment. Regular MDF is not suitable for use in damp areas, whereas MDF Moisture Resistant is. MDF Moisture Resistant, however, cannot be used outdoors. It is sometimes thought that this variant of MDF is completely waterproof, but this is not the case. When MDF is used in an outdoor area, the plate material will quickly lose its quality due to weathering. This, of course, is a shame. MDF Exterior is a good choice for outdoor projects. These boards remain good for a long time in outdoor conditions if they are properly treated, however, it is recommended to apply these boards in places where they are somewhat sheltered. If you want to place MDF in the open air, it will be exposed to the most severe weather conditions. For these applications, MDF Tricoya is a good choice.

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MDF absorbs moisture

Standard MDF has a strong absorbing effect. This means that the material is very sensitive to moisture. This absorbing effect is also something to take into account when you want to paint the MDF boards. It is best to choose lacquer-bearing boards, which can be painted directly in the desired colour. Do you choose another variant? Then it is necessary to treat the board first before you can paint it. This is done by first degreasing and then priming the material.

MDF is an excellent material to work with

MDF is a very popular board material. This is, of course, not without reason. There are quite a few interesting advantages to MDF boards. They have good bending strength and a relatively high breaking point. In addition, MDF is very easy to process, which makes it easy to create the most diverse things. In most cases, MDF is used for making interior projects. MDF is not often used for heavy constructive applications, for example in the building industry. This is because the material can bend under extremely heavy loads. Plywood or underlayment are more often used for these types of applications.

Choose from the available thicknesses of MDF

At you can buy MDF in various thicknesses. Ordering online is easy. Tell us the dimensions you need and we can cut the MDF boards to size for you. Do you know exactly what you need? Order online and let us deliver it to the desired address. Not sure what you need? We will gladly help you choose from the available thicknesses of MDF. For more information and personal advice, please feel free to contact us.

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