• The available thicknesses of underlayment

The available thicknesses of underlayment

There are four available thicknesses of underlayment for sale at TOSIZE.de. When you need underlayment for a project, it's good to pay attention to the right thickness. The thickest variant is exactly twice as thick as the thinnest variant. Exactly which of the available underlayment thicknesses you need depends on your project. Of course, we can advise you when this is desirable. Do you already know exactly what you need? Then you can order the available underlayment thicknesses in the right size online. We will saw the material to size for you. Of course, you can order from TOSIZE.de at an attractive price.

The available thicknesses of underlayment

As mentioned, there are four available thicknesses of underlayment to order from TOSIZE.de. The thicknesses of underlayment are:

  • 9 millimetre
  • 12 millimetre
  • 15 millimetre
  • 18 millimetre

You can buy the most varied types of sheet material from us at an attractive price. With every purchase, we offer the service of TOSIZE.de. You can specify the desired dimensions within the ordering process. We make sure that everything is cut to the millimetre, so that you can start working with your board immediately.

Cross-linked veneer sheets

Underlayment is a product originating from the American market. The board material offers several interesting advantages. Underlayment consists of cross-laminated veneer sheets. The number of veneer sheets varies, but it is always an odd number of veneer sheets. The fact that these sheets are cross-glued offers several advantages. For example, underlayment will not easily be damaged or warped. In addition, the boards have virtually no effect. Moisture and temperature differences do not cause the boards to swell or shrink. It is still important to treat the material to increase its durability.

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Underlayment is not always the same

There are several thicknesses available underlayment. These different thicknesses of underlayment are made by gluing together different numbers of veneer layers. As indicated earlier, this is always an odd number. Underlayment therefore has no fixed number of glued veneer layers. In addition, the type of wood from which underlayment is made can vary and the thickness per veneer layer can also vary. Finally, during the production process different types of glue may be used for gluing the veneer layers. Underlayment is certainly not a standard product.

What is underlayment for?

Underlayment has mainly structural applications. The boards are regularly used for walls, floors and roofs. In construction, underlayment is often chosen, particularly because the boards are ideal for making constructions completely wind and watertight. For such applications, a specific variant of the underlayment sheets is often chosen. These boards are fitted with insulation material.

Underlayment underlayment and floor finish

Underlayment is often used to provide a beautiful, strong and durable underlayment that - due to the presence of the grooves for interlocking - can be laid very tightly. For a good underlayment you can always choose one of the available thicknesses of underlayment. However, underlayment is not only used to create a subfloor. The material is also used for finishing floors. Again, special variants are available for this. The underlayment sheets with anti-slip film, for example, are well suited for finishing floors.

Can you also make furniture from underlayment?

Many people use sheet material to make furniture. Cabinets are often made of sheet material, but worktops are also easy to make with custom-made sheets. Underlayment is certainly suitable for this as well. Underlayment has a beautiful, natural look that certainly creates atmosphere in the interior. In addition, the material is very strong and durable, so you can certainly enjoy it for a long time. Of course, you can also make your own choice from the available underlayment thicknesses for the construction of furniture.

Order the available thicknesses of underlayment at TOSIZE.de

At TOSIZE.de, you can find four available thicknesses of underlayment within the wide range of board materials. This makes it easy to order underlayment in the thickness you want to use for your project. You don't have to worry about the dimensions of the boards, because we can cut everything to size for you. You can order the underlayment sheets online and tell us the dimensions you need. We will cut the boards to size, down to the millimetre, so you don't have to worry about the sawing work. You can also have the cut-to-size underlayment sheets delivered to the desired location. Would you like to order underlayment, but do you need advice on how to choose from the available underlayment thicknesses? Then contact us without obligation.

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