• Triplex sheets cut to size free of charge

Triplex sheets cut to size free of charge

Triplex: sawn to size free of charge

One of the types of sheet material in our range is Triplex. Triplex is similar to plywood, but is made up of three layers of veneer. This is in contrast to plywood, where five or more layers are used. Plywood is also available in our webshop, in every desired size.

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Different types of tailor-made Triplex

Triplex has many advantages: it is a light but strong board, making it easier and faster to work with than many other materials. Triplex is used for both structural and decorative applications. The material has a flat surface, hardly warps and has a very long lifetime.

  • Light and strong
  • Long service life
  • Good machinability
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Also available primed

What is Triplex?

Truplex is a wood-like sheet material made up of an uneven number of veneer layers. These layers are glued crosswise and perpendicular to each other, which makes the sheet material very strong and stable. At TOSIZE.de, Triplex is available in any size and various thicknesses. This allows you to use the sheet material for various purposes.

Triplex applications

Triplex can be used for both decorative and constructive applications. This is due to its neutral wood appearance on the one hand and its stability and strength on the other. Triplex is used in the interior building, packaging, sports and advertising industries.

Triplex plywood waterproof

Triplex is also available in a water-resistant version, unlike many other board materials. When Triplex is properly finished, it is excellent for outdoor use, for example for furniture or panelling. The fine wood structure makes it easy to work with.

Triplex plywood WBP

Trilplex WBP is also called water-resistant plywood. The abbreviation WBP stands for 'Water Boiled Proof'. The Triplex has to bear this designation in order to be used outdoors. Triplex WBP is not permanently water resistant despite its moisture resistant properties. This depends on various factors, including the gluing and the construction of the board.

Types of plywood

There are various types of plywood, which you can order from TOSIZE.de} in any size. In our webshop plywood sheets are already available from 3.6 millimetres. The maximum dimensions are 122 x 250 centimetres. Make your choice from plywood exterior, interior or Okoume and we will cut your order to size free of charge.

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