• Water-resistant (WBP) bonded plywood and Okoumé plywood

Water-resistant (WBP) bonded plywood and Okoumé plywood

Plywood and multiplex are names for sheet material consisting of several layers of wood veneer glued together crosswise. Originally, plywood was the name for board material consisting of three layers of wood veneer glued together crosswise, and plywood was the name for board material consisting of five or more layers of wood veneer glued together crosswise. Nowadays, the terms are often used interchangeably. Okoume plywood is glued water-resistant and therefore has good moisture-resistant properties. You can read more about what this means here.

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A WBP bonding

A WBP bonding, also known as exterior bonding, stands for "Water Boiled Proof". It is a term that is used to indicate water-resistant glued board material. By using the terms WBP, water resistant and exterior, you can therefore recognise that the bonding of the board material is resistant to moisture. A WBP board has passed a special test in which it is placed in boiling water for 72 hours. If the glue does not come off during this test, the board is given the classification WBP. Whether a board material can be used outdoors depends not only on the gluing, but also on the wood species.

Okoume plywood

Marine is a type of wood that can withstand moisture relatively well, due to its flexibility and the fact that it does not move much under varying degrees of humidity. The veneer layers are made of wood from Okoumé trees originating in, among others, West Africa. Okoumé plywood consists of relatively thin layers of veneer, so there is little tension on the panel. Okoume plywood is therefore often used for exterior applications. To increase the waterproofness of the plywood, priming and the use of an edge sealer are recommended. This way the plywood panel lasts longer. You can also choose to order a variant that has already been primed, which saves a lot of work. Of course, the ends still have to be treated.

Ordering water-resistant glued okoumé plywood

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