• What is phenolic plywood and where do you order it?

What is phenolic plywood and where do you order it?

Phenolic Plywood is a very strong sheet material that was specially developed for the formwork when pouring concrete. Nowadays there are many different types of Phenolic Plywood. These are basically divided into two types, namely plywood-based and chipboard-based Phenolic Plywood. Of each variant there are several types available. Do you want to buy Phenolic Plywood at an attractive price? Then you can order Phenolic Plywood at TOSIZE.de. We ensure directly that the plates already have the right dimensions for your project.

What exactly is Phenolic Plywood?

Phenolic Plywood is part of the sheet materials. The Phenolic Plywood boards have an epoxy top layer, which in turn consists of 2-component synthetic resin. This makes the layer impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and waterproof. Naturally, a very strong formwork is required for pouring concrete. In addition, the concrete must not adhere to the material while it is drying in the formwork. Phenolic Plywood was developed based on these conditions. Once the concrete has hardened properly, the concrete plywood can be easily removed. For this purpose the Phenolic Plywood sheets can often be used several times. Nowadays Phenolic Plywood is used for many different purposes.

Important properties of Phenolic Plywood

phenolic plywood has a very smooth surface layer. As a result, not only concrete does not adhere to the panel material, but the most diverse other materials do not adhere to it either. The top layer makes Phenolic Plywood feel somewhat greasy. Phenolic Plywood is very strong and available in various thicknesses, so there is always a right thickness for your specific application. Phenolic Plywood sheets can be used indoors and outdoors. The top layer is completely waterproof. However, it is important to know that different coatings are used. Standard, these top layers are not UV-resistant, so the Phenolic Plywood will discolor over time. There are also coatings that are UV-resistant. In Phenolic Plywood variants that use this coating will always be in the description.

Which type of Phenolic Plywood is the best choice?

Basically, there are two types of Phenolic Plywood to choose from: the plywood type and the particleboard type. It is not easy to say which variant is the best choice for you. This depends mainly on the application. In certain cases, Phenolic Plywood based on chipboard is the right choice, while for other projects it is better to use Phenolic Plywood. Always adapt your choice to the project you want to work on. Chipboard sheets have very different properties than plywood sheets.

Buy Phenolic Plywood based on Multiplex

You can order Phenolic Plywood based on Plywood when you expect good durability. This variant consists of several veneer layers that are glued together in a crosswise fashion. Both sides have a layer of epoxy, so both sides are of the same good quality. Plywood does not bend, even under heavy and prolonged loads, because the material is very strong. The multiplex Phenolic Plywood boards are available from various types of wood and your choice is also important here. For example, the meranti plywood sheets are much stronger and more durable than the poplar plywood sheets. Besides concrete formwork, these sheets are also very useful for covering vehicles and trailers.

Buy Phenolic Plywood based on chipboard

For various projects, Phenolic Plywood based on chipboard can be a good choice. This is a financially more advantageous choice, but you will also notice this in the sturdiness and durability. When this variant is used for the formwork when pouring concrete, the sheets can only be used once. This is in contrast to the multiplex based Phenolic Plywood boards. Do you want to make a piece of furniture with a scratch-resistant top layer? Then Phenolic Plywood of chipboard is a good choice. Chipboard is a popular sheet material in furniture construction and the top layer of Phenolic Plywood of chipboard makes the material scratch-resistant.

What is Phenolic Plywood used for?

As we have already mentioned, concrete plywood was initially developed to be used as formwork for pouring concrete. Eventually, the excellent properties of concrete plywood were discovered, which is why the sheet material is now used in a much more versatile way. Pieces of furniture are made of concrete plywood, but also animal cages for indoors or outdoors can be made of concrete plywood. In addition, worktops and kitchen countertops are made of the material, as well as floors for vans and trailers, among others.

Ordering concrete plywood for outdoor use

Phenolic Plywood is resistant to moisture, but in certain cases it is important to choose a good finish. It is advisable to make the ends of the Phenolic Plywood sheets waterproof when the material is exposed to a lot of moisture and/or water. You can first make the ends of the Phenolic Plywood waterproof and then glue it. This ensures that the final construction is completely waterproof. There is a big difference between the presence of a lot of water or just splashing water. Plywood is basically splashproof. Do you want to use the Phenolic Plywood sheets to make a beautiful aquarium? Then it is recommended to first make the front sides completely waterproof with, for example, an edge sealer.

High quality of Phenolic Plywood sheets

Phenolic Plywood is a very high-quality, strong and durable board material that can be used in many ways. If you are looking for a type of wood that will not easily lose its quality under various conditions, Phenolic Plywood is often a good choice. In the past, Phenolic Plywood was mainly used on building sites and in the industry. Nowadays we see that private persons increasingly choose Phenolic Plywood, for example to make beautiful furniture pieces for their homes.

Order plywood from TOSIZE.de

Plywood can certainly be the right choice for a wide variety of projects. Would you like to buy Phenolic Plywood? Then take a look at the versatile Assortment of TOSIZE.de. You can easily order various types of Phenolic Plywood online. You can directly specify the desired dimensions, so we can cut the Phenolic Plywood sheets to size for you. We can do this in various forms and with various finishes. We can provide a fast delivery of the Phenolic Plywood sheets when this is the best option for you. For more information or advice on (the use of) Phenolic Plywood you can always contact us without any obligations. contact us.

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