• Wooden panels for outdoor use sawn to size!

Wooden panels for outdoor use sawn to size!

Suppose you have come up with a cool project for your garden or somewhere outdoors. Whether it's a tree house, garden furniture or something else, chances are you're going to use wooden panels. Of course, you want your project to be sturdy and to last as long as possible, and the type of board you choose is an important part of that. In this article we will therefore tell you which board material you can use for outdoor applications!

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Which wooden boards can be used outdoors?

Wood reacts to moisture and sunlight. This is also called 'the working of wood'. How much the wood works under different weather conditions varies from one type of wood to another, so it is very important to look at what type of wood was used when the boards were made. However, this is not the only thing you should look at, so we have made a list of board materials that can be used outdoors.

Birch plywood

Betonplex is made of a plywood variant. This plywood sheet is provided with a top layer of phenolic resin on both the top and the bottom of the material. This makes betonplex extremely strong and the top layer makes the material scratch- and impact-resistant. The top layer also ensures that through the top and bottom no water can come through. The ends still have to be treated well, you can do that with an edge sealer. Because birch wood has been used, the material can, if properly treated, be used in outdoor applications.

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Non-slip concrete plywood

Non-slip concrete plywood is a variant of Betonplex birch with a non-slip top layer on one side. This makes it possible to use this sheet as a floor. It is also important to treat the ends of Betonplex anti-slip with an edge sealant 

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Okoumé plywood Waterproof

If concrete plywood is too rigid for your outdoor project, you can choose Okoumé plywood. With plywood, the wood species used is still clearly visible, which gives the material a natural look. Okoumé wood has a warm pink-red colour and can be bent quite easily. This means that at different temperatures and humidity levels there is less tension on the plywood than with other types of plywood. As a result, Okoume plywood lasts longer in outdoor applications than other plywood board materials. It is still important to treat the material well before use. You can do this by finishing it with a (transparent) varnish. The ends can be treated with an edge sealant. Are you planning to paint over the material? Then there is also a variant available with a pre-applied primer. So you can start painting immediately

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MDF Exterior

MDF falls under the category of fibreboards. This means that the board material is made by impregnating wood fibres with glue and then pressing them into a board under high pressure and temperature. MDF is made of very small wood fibres, which makes the material very smooth and flat. With MDF and other fibre boards you do not have to worry about the material warping, as there is no wood grain in the material, but swelling and deformation are something to watch out for. MDF Exterieur has been specially developed to counteract these effects of outdoor applications. During the production process, a special water-resistant glue is used, the material is pressed with a higher compression pressure and the wood fibres used are modified to be even more resistant to moisture. This makes MDF Exterior durable for outdoor projects and, provided it is properly pre-treated, it will last for years. By applying a primer and treating the ends with an edge sealer, you protect the material against weather conditions and create a good basis for further finishing of the material.

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Made to measure wooden panels

When making projects, a lot of time is spent sawing the material to size. Not only can sawing be a time-consuming and exhausting task, it is also sometimes difficult to saw all parts exactly to size. That is why we sell sawn timber and board material to size! With our advanced sawing machines we can saw much more precisely than the average handyman, even down to the last millimetre! In addition, we can saw your chosen material in all kinds of forms. For example, you can choose to saw sheets in the shape of a rectangle, square, triangle, circle and much more! Then we can round off, chamfer, mitre and apply various decorative finishes. This way you get a custom-made wooden board that fits your project perfectly. That's handy!oject. Dat is handig!

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