Buying cheap board material online?

Want to order cheap board material online? Of course you can at Not only because we offer a wide range of cheap board material online, but also because we provide a versatile extra service. For example, we can saw all board material to size for you free of charge. So you can get to work immediately after delivery of your order to create a beautiful end result, whatever you want. Feel free to take a look at our versatile assortment if you want to order cheap board material online. Below we will give a brief summary of the possibilities.

Ordering phenolic plywood online

You can order various types of cheap board material online and one of them is phenolic plywood. This variant is waterproof and extremely strong, making it suitable for the most diverse applications. Phenolic Plywood has a base of plywood and is provided on both sides with a layer of plastic. Cement does not adhere to Phenolic Plywood. You can order this sheet material cheaply online and start working with it immediately. It does not need to be treated. Do you want to use it in humid conditions? Then it is advisable to treat the front sides.

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Order cheap board material online: board

Board is a material that can be classified as fibreboard, the category which also includes the well-known MDF boards. There are two types of board, namely softboard and hardboard. With softboard, wet wood fibres are pressed under moderate pressure and high temperature. For hardboard, this is done under high pressure. Ultimately, this process is sufficient and no gluing is required. The fibres stick together strongly. Board is a cheap board material that can be ordered online. The material is only suitable for indoor use.

Buy MDF cheap board material online

We already mentioned MDF. Of course, MDF should not be missing from our range. After all, we are talking about one of the most popular variants of board material here. One of the biggest advantages of MDF is its easy workability. The material does not splinter and can be processed with the greatest of ease for endless applications. In addition, MDF is durable and very strong. You can order this cheap board material online and have it cut to size by us.

Cheap board material online: furniture and carpentry panels

In most cases, ordering cheap board material online means ordering board material that is not finished at the edges. The furniture and carpentry panels are an exception in this respect and therefore stand out from the other products in the range. The joinery panels consist of solid material and are bevelled on the long side. The furniture panels are finished with an edge banding on the long sides and have a plastic coating.

Plywood: popular, inexpensive sheet material ordered online

Plywood is one of the most popular board materials and with good reason. Plywood has a very wide range of applications and offers endless advantages. These include the high strength, light weight and low maintenance of the material. You can order cheap plywood online in various types. Plywood is available in the variants okoumé, hardwood, poplar and birch.

Buy strong and cheap sheet material online

Are you looking for board material that is structurally very strong? Then OSB  is the right choice. This variant is manufactured from wood chips. It is therefore made, as it were, from leftover wood, making it a very sustainable product. OSB has an industrial look and feel, making it increasingly popular for use in tabletops, countertops, kitchens and furniture, among other things. The applications of OSB are versatile. You can order this board material cheaply online at

Easily machinable cheap sheet material online

Do you want to order cheap board online and are you looking for a variant that is very easy to work with? Then chipboard might be the right choice. This variant belongs, like OSB and MDF, to the fibreboards. Firstly, particle board is very affordable because it is made from wood chips. Another important advantage is that we are talking about a very durable product. In terms of construction, chipboard is relatively strong, which means that it is widely used in furniture and partition walls, for example.

Structural panel: underlayment

Are you looking for a structural board that is excellent for use as a subfloor? Then underlayment. is what you're looking for. This board is excellent for sub floors, but can also be used for other purposes. For example, the construction of roofs or walls. The natural look of Underlayment ensures that the material is also more often used for decorative applications and furniture pieces. Do you want to order cheap board material online for a worktop? Underlayment is also an excellent choice.

Plastic / HPL sheet material

Finally, you will find plastic / HPL sheet material in our range. This plate material has several interesting advantages. The sheets are not easily scratched and moisture has no effect on this sheet material. This makes the plastic / HPL sheet material particularly suitable for outdoor applications. Another important advantage of this sheet material is that it is available in a wide variety of colours, which makes it easier to adapt the final result to the desired atmosphere.

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