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Business payments on account

At, we understand that business transactions need to run smoothly and efficiently and that you can't pre-finance all your projects. Therefore, we offer the option of paying on account for business customers. We offer this payment option through Mondu's service. 

How does paying on account work?

Discover the convenience of seamless business with our 'Business on Account' payment option - a flexible and efficient solution that allows your business to order effortlessly and pay only up to 30 days later. So you benefit from optimal cash flow and clear financial control. 

Important! We offer this service via the Mondu payment solution. If you choose to pay by invoice, you will receive correspondence from Mondu about paying your outstanding invoice in addition to the invoice from us.

Activate business payments on account

You can make use of this service in two ways: by pre-registering via your business account (in which case you will also receive an extra 5% business discount!), or via the check-out, without a registered account. In both cases, you need to be registered in the trade register and have your own company registration number.

Register via your business account

Do you have an account? If so, make sure you register as a business customer. To do so, carry out the following actions:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to my details
  3. Click on request business account
  4. Fill in the requested details
  5. Our system automatically validates whether your company is creditworthy and whether you are eligible for business payments on account
  6. Once approved, the 'Business account' option will be activated in the check-out and you can place your order easily. 

Register via our check-out

No need for an account, but still want to pay on account? That is also possible. In that case, it works as follows:

  1. Fill your shopping cart with the desired products
  2. Follow the regular check-out flow
  3. Choose 'Business account' under payment options
  4. Follow the steps and place your order
  5. After clicking on order, a pop-up will open asking for your business details
  6. Fill these in as expected
  7. The system will automatically validate your business details. It will tell you within seconds whether you are eligible for paying on account. Are you approved? Then the order will be placed automatically. Are you rejected? Then you will be sent back to the shopping cart and have to choose another payment method.