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We work with various parties. Think interior stylists, SMEs to big business. From carpenters to schools. With our modern machinery, we produce small projects or large numbers quickly and professionally. Our materials are of high quality and are delivered with millimetre precision to your business, home or job site. Collaboration is therefore a broad concept for us and comes in different varieties.

Business to business partnerships

We work together with various B2B parties. Most parties place their orders themselves via our webshop. This is the fastest way of cooperation. But it may also be that your request cannot exactly be placed via our online webshop. In that case, we can see if we can still work together. Think of:

  • 10 to 500 orders of the same custom-made furniture based on a sawing specification
  • Milling 200 panels according to a drawing
  • Accurately sawing a multitude of the same panels to fit exactly out of a plate
  • Producing semi-finished products
  • Taking a prototype into production

Read more about our business-to-business services here

Collaboration as influencer or blogger

Do you have a great job in mind and online reach through a blog, social media channel or a magazine? We love jobs and how fun is it to share this together? Send your saw list, idea substantiated with your reach to us by e-mail and discover the possibilities of working together with

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