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At, we understand that the journey of custom-sawn timber is as important as the craftsmanship itself. That is why we have developed a transport process that is as precise as the custom-made timber we provide.

Key pillars when transporting custom sawn timber:

  1. Custom packaging: Your custom-sawn timber is packed with the utmost care and precision; depending on the size and quantity ordered, we select a matching transport method and carrier. Read more about the different packaging methods here.
  2. Tailored to your order: Our transport process is tailored to the specifications of your order. Whether large plates or small parts, we optimise the transport for maximum protection and efficiency.
  3. Reliable partners: We work with reputable transport partners who share the same commitment to precision. This guarantees that your shipment is in safe hands from the moment of dispatch to delivery.

Your satisfaction, our mission:

At, our mission is to make jobs easier and faster. Rely on us for the accurate transfer of your custom sawn timber, supported by our reliable partners. Place your order directly via our website and experience our service. Do you have a special request? Read more about how we can support you here.