• Common applications for phenolic plywood

Common applications for phenolic plywood

The common applications of Phenolic Plywood are varied, mainly because the possibilities with this material are many. A large part of the common applications of Phenolic Plywood are indoor applications, or in dry areas, but it is certainly also possible to use Phenolic Plywood in humid areas or even outdoors, depending on the type of wood used. There are several types of Phenolic Plywood available. If you want to get started with Phenolic Plywood, you can order this sheet material cheaply at TOSIZE.de. We have several types of Phenolic Plywood in stock and we can cut everything to size if you want. View our wide range of products and simply place your order. We will start working for you immediately!


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Some common applications for Phenolic Plywood

As mentioned, there are many different common applications of Phenolic Plywood. Previously, it was mainly used by companies, but nowadays more and more private individuals choose to use concrete laminate for various projects. For example, kitchen worktops, desk tops and work benches are made of Phenolic Plywood. In addition, Phenolic Plywood is often used to create a floor in a vehicle, such as a van, or to cover the floor of a trailer. Many dogs have a beautiful doghouse of Phenolic Plywood, inside or outside, and also other animal shelters are easy to make with Phenolic Plywood. Of course you can also make excellent furniture of Phenolic Plywood.

The most common application of Phenolic Plywood

When we look at the common applications of Phenolic Plywood, we see many applications in the construction industry. Here we also find the most famous application of Phenolic Plywood. This is the making of formwork for the pouring of concrete. Because Phenolic Plywood has an epoxy coating, it can effectively prevent the concrete from adhering to the sheet material. This makes the sheet material ideal for this purpose. Because the Phenolic Plywood does not adhere to the concrete, they can be used several times, provided they are treated properly. Due to the high quality and optimal strength of Phenolic Plywood, the plate material remains a frequently used variant in the construction industry.

Various types of Phenolic Plywood

Phenolic Plywood  is a sheet material with an epoxy coating. This is the layer that ensures that concrete does not adhere to the material. This finishing layer also makes the sheets extra smooth. Among the common applications of Phenolic Plywood are therefore slides and other playground equipment for children. A special variant of Phenolic Plywood is used for this, namely Phenolic Plywood Antislip. This variant has a profile, which makes it less easy to slip on. Ideal for a play platform!

Phenolic Plywood can be made from various materials

What is also not standard with Phenolic Plywood is the material it is made of. Also here are several variants to find. The plywood core can be made of different types of wood. The best known are birch plywood and hardwood plywood. Phenolic Plywood Berken can be used in every situation, provided that the ends are treated properly. Phenolic Plywood hardhout can be used in wet and dry indoor areas, because there is a lot of tension on the plate and therefore the chance of splitting is higher than for birch plywood.

Treatment of the end faces of the sheets

Phenolic Plywood is in principle waterproof, but is then referred to as 'splash-proof'. This means that Phenolic Plywood may lose its quality when it is continuously exposed to a lot of water. A common application of Phenolic Plywood is for example the aquarium. Many people who want to build their own aquarium use Phenolic Plywood. The sheet material is then constantly exposed to a large amount of water. In this case it is advisable to ensure an extra treatment of the ends of the sheets. Make sure that you always make the ends watertight before you glue them together to make an aquarium, for example. This prevents the plate material from losing quality quickly because moisture is still able to penetrate the plate. You can do this with an edge sealer.

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