Making a floor out of underlayment

Formats of underlayment floor boards

A whole board of underlayment is 244 cm by 122 cm. It is not recommended to use a whole board unsawn. These boards are quite large, giving you an uneven distribution of boards across your floor, which gives the whole a somewhat messy appearance. To avoid this, you can cut underlayment to size and have it cut to fit your home's floor! You can use it to make planks that look like parquet and laminate, but it can also be used to make many other shapes. Square sawn underlayment can be used as a floor tile, for example, and with round sawn underlayment you can make a platform for a stage, ideal for a community centre or your own hall!

Whatever shape you choose for your underlayment floorboards, it is important to measure the room first and then sketch out the layout. This will ensure that you don't find out later that your layout doesn't have the look you expected.

Ordering underlayment to size

Finishing underlayment boards

If you want to use underlayment as a floor, it is important to finish the material first. This protects the wood from moisture and also extends the life of the material. Depending on the desired end result, this can be done in different ways. First of all, you can give the material a transparent finish. This leaves the veneers visible and maintains the robust, natural look. Within the transparent (or clear) lacquers you can choose between a matt and glossy lacquer. A matt varnish is less noticeable and will have the least effect on the natural look. A shiny lacquer has a visible effect on the wood veneer. It also gives a more classic look to the material.

With a stain such as greywash or whitewash, you can give underlayment a weathered appearance. This is especially nice with pine underlayment, which is made of the same material as scaffolding wood. Stains like greywash and whitewash look like a haze that lies over the material. The wood structure still remains visible under the stain layer.

Don't want to see the wood structure in your floor at all? Then you can paint the material with an opaque paint or varnish. Of course, you can do this in clean colours such as white, grey, black or brown, but it is also possible to do this in bright, cheerful colours or soft, broken colours. If you are going to make an underlayment floor out of all these little squares, it is also very nice to use different colours. This creates a unique mosaic of colours.

Ordering customised underlayment boards

At you can easily order customised underlayment boards. We saw it for you to millimetre accuracy in different shapes and sizes. So you can lay the most beautiful floors with made-to-measure underlayment! In our webshop, you can easily make your order with our handy tool. Once the order has been completed, we will immediately get to work for you. Once all the sawing has been completed, we will deliver your order neatly to your home. This way, you only have to finish the material yourself and lay your floor, which is really handy!

Order customised underlayment in our webshop or contact our customer service.

Ordering underlayment to size