Custom-made corner desk for office space, by Harrie

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A corner desk made with attachment to the walls by means of a beam and corner irons.

The transition of the two plates is supported at the bottom with a slat so that I level the top at the transition.

Front assembled with scaffolding tubes as legs.

Custom corner desk

First level all around the beams at the same height attached to the wall.

The plates were then placed on top and first supported.

The plates were attached all around to the beams using angle irons.

Finally the scaffolding tubes were cut to size and attached to the top using 2 end pieces.

The end piece should be placed on the ground with felt.

Make sure that you do not leave too long screws are used otherwise they will come through the top.

Because these length screws are small, washers are used on the scaffolding tube end pieces.

The dimensions of the desk

p>The short piece is 1 meter wide and the long piece is 75.0 cm wide and is made of 18 mm pine.

If you want fewer legs underneath, you can opt for a thicker plate which will be less bend.

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