Kitchen conversion and cupboard, by Maaike

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What did you make?

Conversion around an Ikea kitchen with open cupboards and a custom-made cupboard in the living room with open compartments with shelves and compartments with shelves and doors.

How did you make the furniture?

Frames glued with wood glue. Then the whole thing was painted twice with clear varnish. Then the sides of the planks were sanded and primed. Then the planks were painted with a color and the planks were screwed into the frames. I then screwed the frames together, but kept them in two parts. I then placed the two parts and then screwed them together. Then the doors on the side were primed and painted with a color. I then milled recesses for the hinges. Finally, the doors were hung in the frames.

What are the dimensions?

Kitchen: 300.0 x 138.0 cm.
Case: 258.0 x 233.0 cm.

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How next?

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