Plywood wall shelves and floating desk in alcove, by Emma

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I have hung 30mm thick wall shelves in a niche in my living room. The top three shelves function as bookshelves and are as deep as the niche. The bottom shelf is deeper and functions as a small desk.

Custom wall shelves and desk

I bought steel L-profiles with the same size as the shelf (30mm). These are attached to the wall on all three sides of the niche by drilling holes and using a plug/screw. The bottom of the plank is then milled so that the planks sink exactly into the steel L-profile. The bottom shelf, the desk, is also drilled at the bottom of the L-profile and is also secured here with small screws. The other planks simply lie loose on the profiles.

The top planks are treated with clear stair varnish, the bottom plank is treated with a 2-component parquet varnish.

The dimensions of the project

130.0x26.0 cm(shelves)
130.0x55.0 cm(desk)

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