• NEW: MDF Tricoya, moisture is a laughing matter!

NEW: MDF Tricoya, moisture is a laughing matter!

MDF Tricoya is a new board in our product range. Tricoya is a variant of MDF that is extremely moisture resistant. Would you like to know more? Read it here!

MDF Tricoya

Tricoya is the powerhouse of MDF boards. Pressed at higher pressures and made from acetylated wood fibres, it is highly resistant to moisture - even better than MDF Exterior! This production process makes it even more durable than teak, a wood species known for its moisture-resistant properties. Tricoya is therefore extremely suitable for use in damp spaces and outdoors. You can use it to make the most beautiful and durable garden furniture and kitchens!

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Extremely durable MDF for indoors and outdoors

Tricoya is an extremely durable board material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is easy to process and will last for years. If you treat the material well, it will even last for decades! Examples of carpentry using MDF Tricoya are: fascias, door panels, garden furniture parts, bathrooms or boat interiors. This board material can even be applied underground.

Treating MDF Tricoya is less important than with other MDF boards. The moisture resistant qualities are, in fact, so good that the material, in principle, does not require it. This is the main difference with MDF Exterior, which must be treated for outdoor applications and cannot be used underground. Treatment is advisable because you can then finish it off nicely and it extends the life of the material. With a good treatment it can even last for decades in outdoor applications. You do this by first priming the material and then coating it with a lacquer that is suitable for outdoor applications. The ends are best treated with edge sealant before priming.

Ordering customised Tricoya

Before you start working with Tricoya you need to cut it to size. At TOSIZE.de you can have this done with millimetre precision. We saw our board material in different shapes and can also apply various edge finishes to the material. This way, you don't have to start sawing at home anymore and you won't have a pile of leftover wood afterwards either. Handy, right? Order your customised Tricoya now at TOSIZE.de and get the material delivered to your door within 3 working days!

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