• Order water-resistant glued plywood to size

Order water-resistant glued plywood to size

The plywood panel consists of several thin layers of wood, also called veneer. These veneer layers are glued together crosswise, so that the wood grains of the veneer do not all run in the same direction. This greatly reduces the warping of the panel. Because the veneer layers are glued together crosswise, plywood is very strong, even stronger than solid wood! Plywood is often used for indoor and outdoor constructions, depending on the type of wood and the gluing. Water-resistant plywood uses a special type of glue which does not come off in humid conditions. What this means exactly and how to recognise water-resistant glued wood can be read here.


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The gluing of the veneer layers

Plywood can be divided into MR and WBP bondings. Read here what this means:

An MR bond

MR bonding, also known as interior bonding, stands for "Moist Resistant" bonding. Literally translated, "Moist Resistant" stands for moisture resistant. This is a bit of a misleading name, because the bonding is not moisture-resistant in the way we know it. An MR bonded panel is protected against accidental contact with moisture. Spillage is therefore not a problem, but if you want to use the panel in a room where moisture is structurally present, a kitchen or bathroom for example, then MR bonding is not sufficient. The moisture can cause the glue to peel off. If you intend to use the boards outdoors or in damp spaces, it is best to use plywood with a WBP bonding.

A WBP bonding

A WBP bonding, also known as exterior bonding, stands for "Water Boiled Proof". A WBP board has to pass a special test in which it is placed in boiling water for 72 hours. If the glue does not come off during this test, the board is given the classification WBP. WBP is a kind of quality mark, so you know for sure that the glue between the veneer layers will not come loose in humid conditions. Plywood panels with the qualification MR or Interior are therefore only suitable for indoor use. Plywood panels with the characteristic WBP or exterior are suitable for use in damp areas indoors, but are not always suitable for use outdoors. The wood species used plays an important role in this.

Wood species used in water-resistant glued plywood

In addition to the bonding, the type of wood used also determines how water-resistant the plywood panel will be. Certain types of wood are more resistant to moisture than others and will therefore not weather or warp as quickly in humid conditions. In general, a WBP bonding is only applied to plywood panels made of wood species which can resist moisture to a certain extent, but it is also important that the degree of water resistance suits the application of the end result. For this reason we will discuss each of the WBP-glued plywood panels.

Okoume plywood

Okoume is a type of wood that can withstand moisture relatively well. The veneer layers are made from wood from Okoumé trees, which originate from West Africa, among other places. Okoumé plywood consists of relatively thin layers of veneer, which means that there is little tension on the panel. As a result, the working of the wood, due to fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, has less effect on the quality of the panel. For exterior applications, okoume plywood is often used. To increase the water resistance of the plywood, priming and the use of an edge sealer are recommended. This way the plywood panel lasts longer.

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Birch plywood

Birch plywood is available in an MR and WBP glued variant, where the WBP glueing can obviously withstand moisture better. Birch wood itself, however, is somewhat less resistant to moisture. It can be used outdoors, provided it is properly pre-treated. For this reason, the concreteplex variant is often chosen for outdoor use. In damp spaces indoors, waterproof glued birch plywood is a good choice. You can use it for e.g. bathroom furniture or the interior of a kitchen.

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Hardwood plywood

Hardwood is known for its good moisture-resistance properties. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use hardwood plywood, also known as meranti plywood, outdoors. The veneer layers are glued water-resistant, but the layers themselves are quite thick and are made from different types of tropical hardwood. This puts a lot of stress on the board and changing temperatures and humidity can have a negative effect on the quality of the board material. It is therefore advisable to use hardwood plywood mainly in damp rooms indoors.

Now that you know everything about waterproof glued plywood, you can order with confidence. Make your choice and we will start working for you immediately! All you have to do is wait a few days until your cut plywood sheets are delivered at home. Have fun with your job!

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