• The available colours and types of board

The available colours and types of board

For various available colours and types of board, TOSIZE.de is the right place for you. We offer a versatile range of wood products that we will cut to size for you, so you don't have to. Within our range, you will find the most diverse variants, including various types and colours of board. You can easily order online and specify the dimensions you need. We will then cut the board to size for you and deliver to the desired location.

You have a choice of several available colours and types of board. When looking at the colour range, you have two options. You can buy white board (Lakboard), which is an excellent choice for several projects, but it is also possible to choose brown board (Hardboard). Of course, you can easily finish board in any other colour you like, so that you can make your final project exactly as you want it. If you still want to paint your board, it is recommended that you go for Lakboard. Hardboard loses strength when it is sanded and with Lakboard you can sand the white top layer without loss of strength. If you don't want to do anything about the colour yourself, then you have the choice between two different available board colours, namely white and brown.

Various board thicknesses available

As you can read, there are various colours and types of board available at TOSIZE.de, but the choices certainly don't stop there. We also have several different board thicknesses to choose from. We have two variants of this that do not differ much. Firstly, we have Hardboard sheets with a thickness of 3 millimetres and, secondly, we have Lakboard sheets with a thickness of 3.2 millimetres. The difference is hardly visible to the naked eye and is due to the top layer that Lakboard has.

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Various available board shapes within our range

In addition to the various colours and types of board available, we also have various shapes in our online range. If you need board in a certain shape for your project, we can certainly supply this shape. We offer a wide range of board shapes, including:

  • Whole sheet (unsawn)
  • Rectangle (sawn)
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Half a circle
  • Symmetrical triangle
  • Parallelogram

These are just some of the shapes we can supply when it comes to board. You can find the whole range of shapes in our web shop. Of course, you can always contact us to discuss the possibilities if you need a certain, specific shape of board.

Board sheets are suitable for indoor use

Board is a sheet material that can be classified among the fibre boards. A well-known property of fibre boards is that they absorb moisture. As a result, the quality of fibre boards, and therefore of board, can rapidly deteriorate when the material comes into contact with moisture. For this reason, it is not advisable to use untreated board outside or in damp rooms. Naturally, we have other board material in our range for this purpose. The available colours and types of board in our range are ideal for use indoors, in dry rooms, where they will maintain their quality for years. We therefore ensure excellent quality when delivering your order of cut-to-size board.

Various colours and types of board available

At TOSIZE.de you can buy various available colours and types of board at an attractive price. We provide not only a wide range of products and friendly prices, but also a very complete service. You can easily order board from us in the desired shape and size. We will saw the material to size so that you can get started right away. You can immediately order the necessary available colours or types of board in our web shop. Do you have any questions first or would you like advice? Then you can always contact our customer service without obligation. We will gladly inform and advise you when choosing from the various available colours and board types.

Order your customised version of board from TOSIZE.de! We will cut your order to the millimetre. View our product range and start your new job!

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