• The available thicknesses of joinery panels

The available thicknesses of joinery panels

There are several available thicknesses timber panels to choose from. Do you want to make a desk, a cupboard or a table? Then the Timber panels are ideal for you to get started. You can choose from the available thicknesses of Timber panels and have them cut to size by us. That way, the panels are ready to start right away. There is a lot of difference between the various thicknesses of timber panels. The thinnest variant is more than twice as thin as the thickest variant. If you can't quite work it out online, you can always contact us. We will be happy to advise you on making a choice from the available thicknesses of Timber panels in our range.

What thicknesses of Timber panels are available?

You have a choice of five available thicknesses of Timber panels for your project at TOSIZE.de. All our panels are of high quality and cut to size by our professionals. This way you can always be sure that the panels have exactly the right dimensions for your project. These are the thicknesses of the Timber panels:

  • 18 millimetre
  • 19 millimetre
  • 26 millimetre
  • 28 millimetre
  • 40 millimetre

High-quality solid wood panels

You can buy a variety of Timber panels at TOSIZE.de. These are all made of solid wood. The panels consist of narrow strips that are glued together to form a strong panel. These slats are made of solid wood and this offers several important advantages. Solid wood is very strong, so you can count on enormous strength from the Timber panels. This applies to all available thicknesses of Timber panels. In addition, the panels are beautifully finished, so you do not have to do much yourself. The panels do not shrink or swell under the influence of temperature fluctuations or moisture. The working of the panels is counteracted by the fact that the Timber panels consist of several narrow strips.

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Selecting from the various thicknesses of Timber panels available

You will find various thicknesses available at TOSIZE.de. Which thickness is most suitable for your specific project? This mainly depends on your purpose. For example, do you want to make furniture that will be subjected to heavier use, such as a bookcase or a pantry? Then it is advisable to choose one of the larger thicknesses of Timber panels available. The thinner panels are in turn extremely suitable for furniture that will not be heavily loaded. For pieces of furniture that are going to be heavily loaded, it is often advisable to choose a minimum thickness of 26 millimetres.

Various variants within the range of Timber panels

You can choose from several available thicknesses of Timber panels, but of course also from different variants. The Timber panels are often used to make furniture. It goes without saying that you want to ensure that the piece of furniture fits in well with the look of the rest of your interior. This means that the look of the Timber panels should match the look of other pieces of furniture in the same room, for example. This is why there are several variants of the Timber panels available at TOSIZE.de. The most well-known variants are Pine Carpentry Panel and Pine Carpentry Panel. For the most high-end projects, we also have two variants of Oak Panels

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Finishing the Timber panels

The various timber panels in our range can be finished as you wish. With the specific finish of your choice you can give the panels the look you want. You can choose to stain the Timber panels, whereby the natural look is retained as much as possible when you opt for transparent stain. It is also possible to paint the panels in the desired colour or to use a transparent or coloured oil. Are you going to make a piece of furniture for children? Then it might also be a nice idea to paint (part of) the piece of furniture with blackboard paint. As you can see, anything is possible when it comes to the finish of the Timber panels.

Order the right available thicknesses of Timber panels online

You can easily place your order online at TOSIZE.de. Tell us the dimensions of the panels during the ordering process and we will saw them to size for you. This means you no longer need to spend time, effort and attention on sawing. You can have your order delivered by us. Would you like to order Timber panels, but find it difficult to choose from the available thicknesses of Timber panels? Our customer service can advise you without obligation. Feel free to contact us.

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