• The available thicknesses of Pellos Floor

The available thicknesses of Pellos Floor

The available thicknesses of Pellos Floor are diverse. You can assume that the thickest panel is exactly twice as thick as the thinnest panel. In total, you have the choice of four different available thicknesses of Pellos Floor, which means you can always select a material thickness that suits your specific project. At TOSIZE.de you can easily choose from the available Pellos Floor thicknesses online, after which you can specify the dimensions you need during the ordering process. We will then saw the board material to size for you. Are you unsure which thickness is the best choice for your project? Then we will be happy to advise you.

What thicknesses of Pellos Floor are available?

At TOSIZE.de, you have a choice of four available thicknesses of Pellos Floor. Which thickness is the best choice depends on what you want to use the sheets for. In certain cases, relatively thin board material is the right choice, while in other projects thicker board material is better.

In our web shop you will find the following available thicknesses of Pellos Floor:

  • 9 millimetre
  • 12 millimetre
  • 15 millimetre
  • 18 millimetre

As you can see in our webshop, we call Pellos Floor  Underlayment Finnish Spruce. This is another common name for this board material.

Pellos Floor is 100 percent pine wood

Pellos Floor is a board material made of one hundred percent spruce. This is because it is constructed from spruce veneers. This means that you can benefit from the significant advantages of spruce when you use Pellos Floor boards. Whitewood has various attractive advantages to offer, such as optimal workability and excellent quality. In addition, the wood is also beautiful to look at, which makes projects with Pellos Floor beautiful to see. This immediately explains why Pellos Floor is increasingly often chosen for decorative purposes.

Can be used in almost all circumstances

Pellos Floor boards have another very important advantage. This is because the sheets can be used in dry rooms, but also in damp rooms. This means that you can use the Pellos Floor slabs in the living room or the bedroom as well as in the cellar or the bathroom. The quality of the Pellos Floor slabs ensures that the slabs can be used in both situations perfectly. It does not matter how thick the sheets are. In this respect, it does not matter which of the available thicknesses of Pellos Floor you choose. For use in damp rooms, a good treatment is required.

The beautiful look of Pellos Floor

The eye also wants something, especially when you are going to make something that is constantly in sight. You then want to be sure that the sheet material is also pleasant to look at. This is a guarantee that you certainly have when you start working with the Pellos Floor boards. These boards, made from pinewood, have a beautiful appearance. The boards are both flat and very stable. These characteristics, in combination with the beautiful look, ensure that the boards can be used for decorative applications. The quality of the Pellos Floor boards is also high enough for constructive applications.

What can you use Pellos Floor slabs for?

There are several available thicknesses of Pellos Floor slabs. This means that you can really go in all directions with the sheets. Pellos Floor slabs are often used for floors, but Pellos Floor slabs are also increasingly chosen for roofs. The properties of the sheets are therefore perfectly suited to such applications. The boards are stable, flat, of high quality and can be used in both dry and humid areas. Would you like to make things for your interior from Pellos Floor slabs? Then that is also possible. The neutral colour and the beautiful look ensure an end product that fits in perfectly with the most diverse of interiors.

Pellos Floor slabs are a conscious choice

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to work with 'green' materials. Both companies and private individuals are becoming more aware of sustainability and this is also being considered when making a choice from the available sheet materials. With this in mind, Pellos Floor is certainly a good choice. The pinewood the boards are made of comes from sustainably managed forests. It goes without saying that the wood is also provided with a quality mark. In this case, it is a PEFC certification.

Treatment of Pellos Floor slabs

In principle, the Pellos Floor panels do not need to be treated, but we do recommend this if you intend to use the panels in a damp room. Especially the edges of the panels need extra attention in that case. We advise you to use an edge sealer. This treatment ensures that moisture has even less effect on the quality of the board material. This extends the life span considerably.

Available thicknesses Pellos Floor online

Je You can buy a wide variety of sheet material at an attractive price at TOSIZE.de. Do you want to get started with Pellos Floor sheets? Then you also have more than enough choice. There are various available thicknesses of Pellos Floor to order. During the ordering process it is possible to enter the desired dimensions of the sheet material. Would you like to order this board material, but do you find it difficult to make a good choice from the available Pellos Floor thicknesses? Then please feel free to contact our customer service.

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