• What is board material and where do you order it?

What is board material and where do you order it?

Board is a collective name for sheet material that can be used in many ways. For example, you can work with softboard, hardboard and other variants. These boards can be used for e.g. back walls and sub floors. Whatever board you need, you can order it from TOSIZE.de. Not only do we offer you the best quality of board, but we also make everything to measure. So you can get straight on with your job and create a beautiful end result. Do you want to buy board? Then take a look around in our wide online assortment.

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Board boards are fibre boards

Board boards belong to the category of fibre boards, which also includes MDF boards. This means that the board material consists of wood fibres. These wood fibres are pressed together with water under high pressure and temperature, so that it is not necessary to use glue. Because board consists of wood fibres and is pressed without glue, it has a strong absorbing effect. This makes the boards unsuitable for outdoor use. The weather conditions will ensure that the quality deteriorates quickly. Board boards are, however, ideal for indoor use.

Two types of board

Basically, board can be divided into two variants, namely softboard and hardboard. What exactly is the difference? If you buy softboard, you buy a board material that is pressed together under medium pressure. The wood fibres are wetted and then pressed together under high temperature and medium pressure. Do you want to buy hardboard? Then you choose boards that are pressed under high pressure. For this process, too, the wood fibres are first wetted. Then they are pressed together under high temperature and high pressure. The pressure applied for compression during the production process is therefore the defining difference between softboard and hardboard. The result is that hardboard is much harder and thinner.

Board is not resistant to moisture

Whether you choose hardboard or softboard, board is by no means resistant to moisture. It is not the case that hardboard, which is compressed under higher pressure, is able to retain its quality when used in a damp or wet room. The quality deteriorates less quickly than when softboard is used, but ultimately the quality of hardboard is also quickly lost when it comes into contact with moisture. In all cases, it is not advisable to use board, in any particular variant, outdoors or indoors in an area where there is a lot of moisture.

Buying board for a subfloor

You can order board if you want to make a good underlay. In this case you choose soft board, which is ideal for making a subfloor for laminate and parquet, for example. Do you want to buy this board for a subfloor on which you will eventually lay carpet? Then it is important to glue the boards on both sides. Board material is a good choice for several reasons. A very important reason is the environmental friendliness. Board is a natural product that does not contain any harmful substances. Board also has an FSC quality mark.

The advantages of softboard for subfloors

Softboard offers various advantages when used as a subfloor. The board boards dampen sound, are leveling and particularly resilient. In addition, they are also tension-free and provide very good insulation. In blocks of flats, softboard is often chosen as a subfloor because in such buildings it must always be ensured that downstairs neighbours are affected as little as possible by noise from upstairs neighbours. The board boards can dampen sounds very well. The sound is reduced by no less than 19 decibels. In a flat, you will often also find homes that are located above the indoor storage areas. These homes have colder floors, because the cold draws up from the storerooms. Also in these houses the use of softboard as underlay is strongly recommended. The floor will feel much warmer.

Buy hardboard

In certain cases, you can also use hardboard to make a good underlay. Hardboard has many different applications. Because this board material is pressed under a higher pressure, the board is ultimately stronger. This means that hardboard can also be used well for, for example, covers, back walls of cupboards and wall seals. When hardboard is pressed, no glues or chemical binders are used. During the process, in which a high temperature is used, a natural binding agent is released which is visible for optimum adhesion. This natural binder is known as lignin.

Simple board editing

Both hardboard and softboard are completely natural. You can therefore buy hardboard if you want to make an environmentally conscious choice for your project materials. Hardboard is, just like softboard, FSC approved. The board sheets can be worked well. However, it is important to use good tools or special woodworking machines for this. Does the board need to be sawn to a specific size? Then TOSIZE.de can of course do this for you. You can buy board from us online and specify the dimensions you need in the ordering process. We will saw everything to size for you so that you no longer need to use a handsaw.

Buy board at TOSIZE.de

Do you want to buy board of high quality? For softboard and hardboard of the highest quality, TOSIZE.de is the place to be. With us, you can order excellent board at an attractive price. Tell us the dimensions you need and we will make sure everything is cut to size for you. You can then collect the board sheets from our location as soon as we have received your order. Is it easier to have the boards delivered to your home or work address? No problem at all! Then we will arrange for delivery to the address of your choice. Would you like to order board online, but first you need advice or more information? Then you can always contact us without obligation.

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