Conversion of washing machine + condenser dryer from Fins Vuren, by Jaap

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1 minuut


A beautiful, stable conversion has been made, inspired by the job photos I saw on your website!
Initially I wanted to buy a ready-made one, but I saw the job satisfaction of the photos are splashing... I'm glad I did it myself!

Custom washing machine conversion

The order was delivered at 5:37 PM and at 6:45 PM (including from dinner) the conversion was already sturdy!


- Fischer screws
- Bosch blue line twelve volt electric screwdriver
- daylight
- patience
- fun
- insight is a wonderful initiative that has personally inspired and motivated me to get started myself!
We will definitely come back for a new project!
Keep up the good work, inspiring and encouraging people above all!

The dimensions of the project

180.0x90.0 cm /p>

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280,13 €

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