Custom radiator conversion made of MDF, by Frank

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We have been sitting in the living room at home looking at an ugly radiator for quite some time. In this project I made a radiator conversion from custom-sawn MDF panels.

DIY: Radiator conversion

I'm not really a handyman so I didn't think it would be a good idea to do the project to do it off the cuff. I made scale sketches in which all wooden parts were precisely drawn and calculated. I did this for several views to ensure all measurements were correct. Then I ordered all the supplies. When the wood was in, I started gluing the MDF panels together with wood glue as described in the sketches. I then primed the MDF twice with edge sealer for varnish. Finally, the aluminum plates were screwed in. (do not overtighten screws because the aluminum and MDF must be able to work.)
Looking back, this project was a very simple job 😊

The dimensions of the project

Length 240.0 cm
Width 45.0 cm
Height 53.0 cm

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