DIY: Make a mini market stall for your kids!

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Very easy

2 minutes


Every child enjoys playing shop. Display all your things and then let mom or dad buy all those things with “money”. What could be more fun than playing shop from your own mini market stall? With a little bit of work you can have your stall up and running in no time. Fun to play with, but also useful at the flea market! We have already collected all the parts for you here, so that you can order immediately.

Get started with your mini market stall!

Making this stall is extremely easy, especially if you have already had all the material cut to size by us.

Start with the bottom of the market stall

  1. Get the auxiliary troops
  2. Have the auxiliaries hold the two sides upright
  3. Screw the top (or bottom) onto the two sides
  4. Turn the whole thing over
  5. Screw it other panel also on it
  6. Now the bottom is ready! 

Time for the flagpole

  1. Get the bottom ready
  2. Screw in the sides of the flagpole the middle against the bottom
    1. Tip! Screw them at the level of the bottom panel and the top panel, so that the screw does not protrude ;)
  3. Finally screw the top of the flagpole on.
  4. And there is the market stall. Now the decorating can begin. The design of the stall still leaves enough room to decorate it, for example we have made flags at the top. Do you have other ideas for decorating the stall? Let us know!

    Dimensions of my DIY project

    • Height: 61.8 cm
    • Width: 58.6 cm
    • Depth: 20.0 cm

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How next?

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